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New and improved v3 Mini Mod vape battery is here! We’ve updated our Mini Mods with updated variable voltage settings so you can be sure to get the perfect hit without burning any of your precious terps.

These Mini Mods are super small at just under 2″ tall and can easily fit in the 3rd pocket of your jeans, or tuck away neatly in your purse.

Voltage settings: Low 2.0v, Medium 2.5v, High 3.0v

Pre-heat mode: 1.0v for 10 seconds

500 mah battery capacity allows these batteries to last for multiple days with normal usage. There’s a built in micro USB port for charging on the go and there’s a cable included with each Mini Mod.

Available in matte black color only. Includes a Honey Oil quick-disconnect lanyard that you can hang around your neck. Perfect for concerts!

Fits all 510 threaded cartridges up to 11.5mm in diameter, both 1000mg and 500mg size. No magnetic adaptor required, the cartridge screws right in and the body can be removed for full access to the 510 threads in case it gets stuck.


Weight .5 lbs

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