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Treat your lungs to the creamy flavors of our Mango Gelato indica carts. Inhale that sweet mango flavor and experience the calming effects of this deliciously potent cannabis strain. Every hit sinks you a bit deeper in your seat while the gelato flavor keeps pulling you back in for another taste. Honey Oil’s ceramic hardware ensures that every terp makes it into your lungs and doesn’t get burnt along the way.  

Honey Oil vapes are extremely pure as they contain nothing more than hemp derived oil and cannabis derived terpenes. They’re made using HTE (High Terpene Extract) that’s pulled from real cannabis flower using a closed-loop BHO extraction process. These terps provide a truly accurate cannabis flavor and are proven to add to the oil’s effects.

Be cautious when consuming Honey Oil vape cartridges and always keep them away from children. The effects are nearly as strong as real cannabis even though they are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.30% D9 THC. 

Honey Oil cartridges are completely sealed and cannot be opened. Store them in a dark and cool environment when not being used. Shelf life can be up to three years. Do not freeze.

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