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These are some of the dankest dabs you will ever find on the hemp market. We use CO2 Live Terpene Extract (LTE) to coat our beautiful diamonds in, giving them the exact scent, taste, and effects you would expect when taking a dab.

Each jar contains 2 full grams of THCA diamonds, testing at 99%+ potency. We then add a healthy coating of our strain specific terps to lock in the flavor. Nothing else is added besides those 2 ingredients.

These diamonds are ready to dab the moment you get them. For best results, keep your jar in the refrigerator when not being used, to lock in the terps and keep your diamonds smelling fresh.

Lab results are available that show the potency of this product being less than 0.30% D9 THC. Be careful when dabbing our terped diamonds. A little goes a long way, and beginners should always err on the lighter side when it comes to dabbing.



Hybrid – Blue Lotus, Indica – Cherry Gas, Sativa Hybrid – Golden Apple, Hybrid – Oreoz, Hybrid – Purple Milk, Indica – Purple Push Pop, Hybrid – Sour Sangria, Indica – Tropical Runtz, Indica – Watermelon, Indica Hybrid – White Runtz, Raw (No Terps)

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